New slate house signs

slate house signs done for our pad

My pad needed new slate house signs so online I went

The front of my house was looking a bit tired so we decided to get some slate house signs designed and ordered. We had done loads on the inside after moving in last year and to be fair we have been flat out with the interior ever since. Trying to fit in DIY and decorating around a busy work schedule is no mean feat and with the dogs and everything else its been a long time coming.
Now the house is up to scratch we are turning our attention to the exterior and the jungle that is our garden. A year of neglect other than the odd mow has left us with a fairly sizeable project for 2015. As always with us we start with the easy quick wins and so a tired house sign was noticed and that was a quick easy fix.

She sorted the new slate house signs whilst I mowed the jungle

I know the job I would have picked and it was not the one I ended up tackling but to be fair I am not surprised as tackling the jungle was a task that Bear Grylls would have not relished. Strimmer in hand I attacked the vegetation like I was in the Amazon rainforest and by lunchtime I was both exhausted and hungry. I looked at the damage and it still looked like I had hardly made a dent and I was even happier when my missus informed me that her “project” had taken less than five minutes to complete.
A good lunch in my belly and I was back to the rainforest to hack away some more of the growth. It took me the whole day but we now have one area of the back garden that looks like a garden and not a jungle. The missus kept me in hot mugs of tea but that only eased the chill for a few minutes and so I was glad to get back in the warm after a day’s hard labour.

The slate house signs came in two weeks

We were delighted that the signs we ordered only two weeks to arrive and when they did looked fantastic. Fitting them was really simple as it was only two screws to put them up and took me about five minutes for each sign. They give the front a real lift and given they cost less than a hundred pounds it was definitely money well spent.
The rest of the garden is also now looking pretty good all the grass and plants are now looking good and now my attentions have turned to decking an area we decided to use as a chill out area in the back. I have not done decking before but a friend is going to help me out and so it should only take a day to do.
We went online to order our slate house signs to

Free bets on me getting elected

Chances are slim but free bets on James for senate are flooding in James for senate

Chance of me making a senator are zero but still, have some free bets on it

Lets be frank the chances of me living the dream as a senator maybe slim but the chance of me getting some free bets on line is 100% guaranteed.  Just whack free bets in a search engine and you will be offered thousands on free bet no deposit deals that you can use on everything from sports or casino gambling to poker or me getting elected as a senator! The choice os frightening really there are just so many providers of these free bets out there and as well as the high street favourites, some who have multiple websites there are also countless newbies on the gambling block that I am certain you will never even heard of before.
Once you find an offer you fancy and you have an idea on who you are going to back as the next elected senator (obviously I expect that to be me) then you are ready to open up an account and start your risk free betting fun.

You found free bets now for the account

Once you have found the free bets offers you are going to take up they will ask you to sign up for a new account, it will need to be a new account to get any free bet no deposit deal. Its very simple to do you will need to fill in your name, address and some other basic details and then they are likely to ask you to put a bank card attached to the account should you wish to add funds later if you so wish.
Once you do all this the free bets will be added to the new account in the form of a welcome bonus. The amount of this will vary from website to website and can be from £5 to over a thousand pounds.
The casino websites are probably the most generous of all the genres of betting websites but keep a look out for others that give you daily free bets bonuses so you can keep coming back and betting without spending a penny of your own hard earned money.

I use my free bets on all sorts

I have accounts on all types of gambling from sport to casino and bingo to poker not that I have a massive gambling problem as that would harm my long term senate project, but basically I can not see the point in passing up free bets even if I do not necessarily normally enjoy that type of betting. A good example is bingo I would never be seen down a bingo hall, unless I possibly wanted to rack up a few votes from the blue rinse brigade for my campaign trail but if Foxy Bingo want to put a crisp tenner in an account for me in free bets then who am I to argue after all what is good enough for my voters is good enough for me!
Whatever your poison in terms of gambling there will be free bets waiting to be claimed so go online and get betting on me for senate its a safe bet trust me.

A man on a mission to become a senator, but in the meantime likes beers, going out and generally having a really good time!